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10 Creative Ways to Make Money as a Teenager

10 Creative Ways to Make Money as a Teenager

With summer coming up, it's time to start looking for ways to get busy academically and financially. For teenagers like me, getting a job isn't always easy due to work permits and age restrictions; so I have resorted to finding unique and independent ways to get my side hustle on. I wanted to share my ideas with you guys, so here's a list I've cumulated of creative ways to make money as a teenager.

1.     Do makeup

Think your makeup skills are on point? Create a portfolio of signature looks you can do, and start charging people for your services. With prom season and graduation right around the corner, this is probably one of the most profitable techniques on this list right now.

2.     Become a stylist

Very similar to doing makeup, capitalizing off of your passion for fashion is another great way to make money as a teenager. Summer is the perfect time to offer your services with people travelling, going out and about with friends, and attending music festivals. Simply make a portfolio of looks you’ve created so people know what you’re about, and you decide from there whether you want to head to their closets and dive into what they already have or shop for them.

3.  Personalize things

Think you have cool handwriting or can draw really well? Personalize people’s goods to make some extra cash! Whether it’s buying generic items in bulk and personalizing those or having people send you their items to be personalized, this is a really fun and unique way to get your side hustle on.

4.     Plan parties

Planning parties is super easy and super fun. Research companies that offer services your clients want at reasonable prices (balloons, furniture, catering, technology and sound equipment) and connect them to your clients. Also, help with the physical set up and layout of everything along with picking themes, color schemes, etc. This one is super fun and just in time for wedding and graduation season.

5.     Social media management

This one might be more difficult than the rest but reach out to influencers and brands on the rise to see if they are looking for any assistance connecting with brands and other Instagrammers for paid sponsorships and promotions. You can also help users promote posts, stay engaged with comments and direct messages from followers, as well as upload posts for them.

6.     Driving

Lots of parents, especially working ones, need help transporting their kids around to their various activities and would pay very good money to get a high schooler to do so for them.

7.     Babysit

Babysitting is an easy and obvious choice for people our age. Offer your services to adults in the community through word of mouth or ads on apps like Nextdoor. Make sure to advertise special skills like knowing how to drive or cook.

8.     Give lessons in an activity you are skilled at

Good examples include piano lessons, soccer lessons, singing lessons, etc.

9.     Tutor

With summer break coming up, it is imperative for young children to prepare for the coming year academically by rehearsing school lessons and concepts. Advertise certain subjects you teach and for what grades and let the inquiries roll in.

10.     Sell your unwanted clothes

Have clothes that are too small, too big, or just don’t want/like? Sell them! Sites like Poshmark and Depop are great ways or just simply doing it off of your Instagram account.


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