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My Thoughts on the New KITH Drop

My Thoughts on the New KITH Drop

I must say, I am VERY new to this whole KITH movement. I don’t really know much about the brand except that they make exceptional tracksuits that I’m sure you’ve seen every edgy Instagram model don. Recently, they revamped their tracksuit repertoire and dropped the KITH Women's Tracksuit Capsule. Here are my thoughts about the collection altogether and my favorite and least favorite pieces.

First off, the style of the tracksuit is simple and practical yet chic and sporty. The entire capsule comprises of three sweatshirts, three pairs of pants, and three pairs of shorts. All items are respectively the same item just in different colors. The fabric looks a little silky online, but it actually is polyester and cotton. For sets priced at $405 and $365 total, I would have expected a fabric that was a little more luxurious, considering that you can find polyester/cotton tracksuits at Target; but labels are everything these days, so surely the brand itself marks the price up automatically. The hoodie is super cute, I am obsessed with the drawstrings tying the bottom of it for a more waist-hugging look.


The pants are not my favorite. I have never been a huge fan of the straight-legged track pant. I find that it can be unflattering on my body especially since my legs are long, and the pants don’t always reach my ankle.


The shorts are, surprisingly, my favorite of the whole collection. KITH has mastered something that companies like adidas and Nike have tried to for a long time – make a feminine basketball short. The length is perfect – not so short that they look like my cheer shorts but not so long that they look like your dad’s loungewear. The drawstring adds the subtle femininity that many track shorts omit entirely. I could see this piece being mixed and matched with different sports bras, cropped tops and sweatshirts that would certainly appeal to many.


Overall thoughts: I think the concept is a bit derivative. This matching set idea has been around since the 90’s and executed by smaller, cheaper companies; but now major (more expensive) designers are hopping on with its recent success. I think that KITH executed it well and slightly more unique than others (specifically with the shorts), but I still wouldn’t be surprised to find these looks originally designed elsewhere.

What will I be getting? I would get the black hoodie/shorts duo.


I think it’s really adorable and chill. The black looks the most luxe to me. The white sets almost look like P.E. uniforms and the aqua ones look like a $30 set from Fashion Nova.

I would have loved to see this look in a red, ultraviolet, or cobalt blue; not a lot of retailers are experimenting with company lately, and I believe KITH would have been the company to re-spark that. If this collection is too expensive for you (which absolutely makes sense considering you’d be buying a sweatsuit for more than $30), just wait for cheaper duplicates to come out by Fashion Nova, Pretty Little Thing, ZARA, Forever 21, and the likes. 

Below is a look at the full collection. Comment below your thoughts on it and whether you agree or disagree. 

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